Virtual, social, SUCCESSFUL: Marathon In A Day

Virtual, social, SUCCESSFUL: Marathon In A Day

These days, running a marathon is commonly found on people’s bucket lists. Coming as no surprise seeing as mass participation running has undergone a huge boom in recent years with marathon running especially increasing by 13% across the globe since 2015. Though for some, completing a marathon might be further down the list compared to others, or just so far down the list that it hasn’t even made it (yet), because who can blame them really? 26.2 miles is one almighty distance…

So, for those who want the ‘Marathon’ box ticked, ‘Marathon In A Day’ had great appeal.

The inaugural MIAD has just ended but it will be back next year for sure. This virtual run could be completed in any location at any time between 1st and 3rd September. The first-ever marathon that allows runners to break up the run whichever way you like, it only counts the time you’re actually running. The ‘in a day’ part just requires participants to complete the marathon in one 24-hour period. How it’s broken up is left to your own creativity, just as long as it is recorded in one way or another…

The virtual Marathon In A Day started small. But with clever social media tactics it played into the hands of the online running community which quickly took to this concept.  Word spread attracting runners from all over the UK, Scandinavia, Canada and even some in the southern US. The event involved both brave individuals who ran the distance solo and marathon-sharing teams who split the distance among them, to raise nearly £2000 for the mental health charity, Mind.

Here at Action PR we did our bit too: three of our running enthusiasts collaborated to run a very scenic 6 miles through London together on the Saturday afternoon, after one of our number bagged 8.2 miles the previous evening. 6 + 6 + 6 +8.2 (in 24 hours) = Marathon In A Day. Nailed it.

For some of the 200 runners, the miles kept on going, even beyond their 26.2. Over the course of the weekend, there were some individuals that understandably were struggling to meet their miles. But the ownership that was taken and the peer support that was shown by all participants over social media, some runners decided to rally together to run some ‘bank miles’ – miles left in storage, which could then be donated to those who struggled. Turns out runners are crazy AND generous.

This team spirit elevated this virtual, social event to a really successful one. It had over 40,000 Twitter impressions across the course of the weekend, not to mention the photo uploads and status updates that flooded MIAD’s Instagram and Facebook pages, I’ve no doubt we’ll be seeing Marathon In A Day return next year… and with an even bigger entry cap!

While we wait for our medals to arrive, check out and take a peek at people’s efforts posted on MIAD’s Instagram ( page… see if you can spot the Action PR giving this the thumbs up…