Skyrunning – Running to new heights

Skyrunning – Running to new heights

The world of running has definitely taken a new turn. Running events are not just about distance but about different ways to keep runners entertained. Mud runs, electric runs and colour runs are just a few examples of the running trends that have hit the UK. For the more serious runner who is looking for a BIG challenge, Skyrunning is a new option that will take your running to the next level. Let me explain.

Skyrunning involves long distance running, generally an ultra-distance up to heights of 2000m. This tough and brutal race is already popular in the US, Canary Islands and the French and Italian Alps. The UK held its first Skyrace in the Peak District on the 3rd August.   The course was 29.7miles around a notoriously tough Peak District challenge called the Five Trigs Round. Participants scrambled their way up 2000m of elevation and rugged, technical terrain.

Sound tempting? Fear not as the first Skyrunner National Series (SNS) will be taking place with a 3X3 Ultra in the Lake District on the 4th October.   The challenge – almost 50 miles long over the three mountains with an elevation of 4000m +. If your feet fancy the test, be aware that this race is not ideal for those with a fear of heights. Experience jaunts, rocks, horrid weather (most likely) and not to mention the descent.

According to Lauri Van Houten, executive director for the International Skyrunning Federation (ISF) “British races are known for being tough and challenging. Skyrunning captures the spirit and tough technical challenges runners are looking for today. That’s the ‘feel’ we’d like to bring to the UK.” Taken from

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