Our Favourite Christmas Gift Ideas for Fitness Enthusiasts

Best Christmas gifts for fitness fanatics

Our Favourite Christmas Gift Ideas for Fitness Enthusiasts

‘Tis the season to be giving. If you’re struggling to think of some Christmas gifts for the fitness fanatics in your life, then look no further. Here are our top ten gifts for fitness enthusiasts.

1) Auster Tutor

Auster are premium producers of bodyweight training equipment. Their modular suspension trainer can be used anywhere, from in your house to travelling outdoors. Whether you’re buying for a fitness beginner or gymnastic expert they can get a fantastic workout with Auster. The addition of the Dynamic Bands means users can get a resistance band workout as well the standard suspension Power Straps. It comes in its own mesh carry bag, and they’re also running a 50% off deal until end of December on the Black colour!


2) Barrecore Accessory Pack

The Barrecore Accessory Pack comes in a stylish tote bag and contains a pair of Barrecore grippy socks, exercise ball and resistance band. Perfect to use at home or on holiday for a Barrecore Online Workout. It’s only £40 and comes with everything you need to tone and sculpt. Sign up to their online workouts and use the equipment in the privacy of your own home.


3) Foam Roller

A foam roller is a key piece of equipment in anyone’s fitness arsenal. It helps to warm up muscles before workouts, massage sore muscles after workouts and myofascial release to aid blood flow and reduce tightness. The specially designed Manta delivers a more effective spinal mobilisation and muscular treatment, as these are the muscles and joints that are often implicated in back pain and stiffness.

Manta foam roller

4) Gift Cards

A gift card for a studio or new class is a great way to introduce someone to a new class or type of exercise. Choosing a studio that has lots of class options enables them to pick and choose which class they want to spend your voucher on, rather than being limited to one discipline.

Ten Health and Fitness Gift Cards

5) Headphones

Wireless headphones have changed the workout game. The days of dealing with tangled wires, buds being pulled out of your ear by the cord and sticking your phone somewhere in your pants are gone. A good pair of wireless headphones stay charged for many hours, and often come in their own charge case that can last weeks of use. Many are now even designed specifically for workouts, being sweatproof.

Wireless headphones

6) Protein Powder

If you’re working out hard, you need additional protein to help your muscles recover. Myprotein’s Vegan protein uses blends of plant-powered proteins to ensure the best amino acid profile. Each serving gives you a solid hit of protein for on-the-go ease.

Protein powder

7) Reflective Clothing

Running, Cycling and commuting can be treacherous at this time of year. Many of us spend the few hours of daylight at work, and travel and train in the dark and being seen is very important for safety where ever you are. Companies like Proviz produce a variety of clothing, from jackets to shorts and even gloves and bags with a hyper-reflective coating. Be safe, be seen.

Reflective clothing

8) Tupperware

Living the fitness life is not always glamourous, meal prepping and bringing your healthy lunch into work. Nice Tupperware is worth the investment, with loads of options available rather than the usual cheap plastic containers. Glass containers are better for use in the microwave and are often even shock and oven-proof. It may not be the most exciting gift, but it is certainly functional.


9) Yoga Mat

A nice yoga mat is great for taking to classes, or simply stretching or working out on at home. Easily washable they are a great gift for any fitness enthusiast. Thicker mats provide more padding, at the cost of being heavier and less portable. Or you can opt for a slim one with minimal padding for ease of carrying, and also a lower price.

yoga matt

10) Water Bottle

A re-usable water bottle is a 2020 essential. Help to minimise single-use plastic and use a refillable bottle that can be carried anywhere. Metal is typically the material of choice, with Chilly’s bottles able to keep drinks hot or cold. They also do coffee cups too!