If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you

If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you

Fear is what heightens our senses, pumps adrenaline into our systems and helps us survive challenging scenarios. But we tend to get comfortable with our everyday routines, the familiar surroundings and the level of achievement that we believe is our upper limit, or at the very least a safe normality.

There comes a point when you just have to make that leap, and take on a challenge that both terrifies and excites you. It’s only by pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone that we realise what we are truly capable of. It’s a reminder that we’re alive! And that we are in fact a lot stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

The looming reality of a 24-hour trail race or a 100-mile bike ride has the power to push us towards making a change we’ve perhaps been thinking about for a while, but were too afraid to initiate. The sense of purpose that training and planning for a big event gives are equally rewarding, all the more if the challenge appears unachievable now – ticking off the milestones as you progress, and finally crossing that finish line or reaching the summit of the mountain will give you an amazing sense of achievement. It might even lead to you wanting to push the boundaries in other areas of your life, from going after your dream career to building stronger relationships.

It doesn’t have to be an epic challenge to scare you. It takes a lot of courage to break out of that comfortable circle of familiarity, so perhaps do it in small steps – try something new in your day to day activities. You might be nervous, things might not go to plan, but I guarantee you will look back on it and be so glad you took that risk.

Nobody wants to have regrets.

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