Decoding the latest health and fitness buzzword: Healthy Hedonism

Healthy Hedonism Yoga and Prosecco

Decoding the latest health and fitness buzzword: Healthy Hedonism

In the last year, there’s been a major surge in the use of the buzzword ‘healthy hedonism’. At first, it looks like a term that is completely at odds with itself. How can you be both healthy and seek absolute hedonism in the same form? Well in 2018’s health and fitness world, you can.

What is Healthy Hedonism?

If you’re a brand that understand consumers, you know that they want it all. They want their jobs to be going well, personal finances to be secure, their houses to be Pinterest-perfect and their holidays to be insta-worthy. More importantly, they want to live a healthy, sustainable and ethical life but still enjoy indulgences and thrilling experiences. And as the London Evening Standard pointed out back in 2016, it’s the younger generation that are fueling these needs: “healthy hedonism speaks to a particular demographic of young, stylish, privileged professionals.” It’s a tall order, but fitness brands are at the forefront of offering this service.

Where once people were interested in getting through their nine-to-five and taking the edge off at the local pub, many are now doing this via the gym or a health pop-up event. There’s even research to back it up. This year’s Allegra Report for fitness states that 51% agree that exercise has become more of a lifestyle over the last three years.

How to find Healthy Hedonism

There’s no denying that London is the epicentre of this movement. Publications are now selling guides on how to get your healthy hedonism fix. DOSE for example, published their ‘Healthy Hedonist’s Guide to London’, which appeals to the ‘pleasure seekers in search of balance.’ It makes perfect sense why Londoner’s need this sort of release. The book argues that health and hedonism don’t have to be separate. “People are making fitness a part of their social life” Founder Shara Tochia told The London Evening Standard.

Appealing to the Healthy Hedonists

One such brand that is excelling at appealing to healthy hedonists is The Ministry of Sound. Once prolific for its thriving nightlife scene, the brand has now launched its sister concept, Ministry of Fitness where cutting edge technology, sounds and MC’s are used in the studios  alongside spinning bikes or boxing bags. People flock in, eager to get their endorphin hit, work up a sweat and let go of their stresses whilst still burning serious calories. The genius behind the idea is that guests can then also go to the accompanying bar for a cocktail (or mocktail) and indulge in the luxury of a post-workout drink.

Even the age-old excuse of ‘I just don’t have time to exercise’ has stopped working. Gym chains are embracing the 24-hour concept where people can not only workout at the crack of dawn, but also in the middle of the night – before a night out or even after – whenever they need that release. More and more gyms are running events in these spaces, partnering with drinks brands and skincare products to give customers the full 360-degree indulgent experience.

Press Love Healthy Hedonism

And in our profession of PR – the crux is that press love healthy hedonism. The reason is, it’s a way for people to have fun experiences but not have their health and wellbeing compromised (just think about drinking copious pints and raving at a music festival for five days and you’ll get the gist!).

Fitness and working out is a great way for people to feel good about themselves but also to have fun. If a fitness activity is paired with slightly more indulgent experiences like a cocktail masterclass, the press and consumers love talking about it. Brands excelling at delivering both these elements to the customers, are the ones that are going to be succeeding long-term in the market.