How to write an award-winning award entry

How to write an award-winning award entry

How to write an award-winning award entry

The health and fitness industry calendar is now packed full of annual award ceremonies. If your marketing strategy doesn’t currently include entering awards, it’s worth considering. Even being shortlisted makes great PR and if you’re lucky enough to win, there’s another chance for a fanfare as well as having the next 12 months to cite your accolade across all your marketing collateral. As competition increases and more companies cotton on to the benefits of entering awards, how do you get yourself noticed? Stage one of the entry process is usually a written submission, so follow these tips for success.


Read the criteria before, during and after

Unless the awards give you free reign on the written submission, you should live and die by the criteria from word count to content. This may sound obvious but it’s really easy to deviate from the requirements when you’re mid-flow writing about a particularly interesting tender win. Surplus info won’t be marked. It’s also worth keeping in mind the core values and the mission of the organisation running the awards – aligning your answer with those may help you to get noticed.


Be emotive

Where appropriate tell a story and bring it to life for the assessor. Hone in on the point or points that you feel give you the strongest chance of winning and hammer them home as hard as you can. Back up your points with one or two strong examples that illustrate them clearly.


Back up with data

We don’t all have data at our fingertips but taking the time to calculate the ROI on a marketing campaign or sales figures for the last 12 months can make all the difference in bringing the examples in your award entry to life. Providing data will strengthen anecdotal examples so make the effort to source it if you really want your entry to pack a punch.


Source an external proofer

We’re all prone to using internal lingo, shortening phrases and using acronyms for speed and ease but if the assessor doesn’t understand your language, your great examples won’t count for a great deal. Ask someone outside your company to proof your entry to make sure it makes complete sense to an outsider before you submit.


Focus on the last 12 months

Criteria on what to include will vary but with annual awards it’s always a good idea to pay special attention to successes and achievements over the preceding 12 months or since the last time you entered.  That’s not to say you can’t include more historic accolades but try to balance them with recent data.


Ask for feedback

Always push for feedback on your written entry, see where you scored well and where you missed out with a view to making it even better next year. If at first you don’t succeed…


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