Action PR Meets…. PT Mollie – The Happiness Personal Trainer

Action PR Meets…. PT Mollie – The Happiness Personal Trainer

Mollie Millington – aka PT Mollie, the Happiness Personal Trainer – is a PT, fitness blogger and writer. She is a competitive amateur athlete with a number of marathons around the world to her credit. She also loves endurance cycling events and duathlons and the occasional 5K and 10K races too.  She has written regularly for PT Magazine, So Sweaty, H2Life Blogs and Off Peaks blogs and Health IQ’s website. She fits all this around her ‘day job’ as a manager in a biological lab in central London. Action PR chatted to Mollie to find out how she juggles it all…

What do you mean by calling yourself ‘the Happiness Personal Trainer’? 

I take a holistic approach to help my clients find health and happiness.  When we set goals, they can encompass things outside fitness- such as connecting with family, finding “me” time, pursuing hobbies that make you happy.  My training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition developed my coaching and listening skills, which I believe are a tremendous asset.

Your PT work, journalism and blogging are not your ‘day job’ – how do you juggle so many roles?

I have high expectations in terms of customer service and feel guilty when I don’t post the day after events or receiving a product to test.  I don’t watch TV, which helps, and write posts on my iPad during my commute.  I also have a supportive husband!

What personal training and group training do you do?

I am busy building a new client base in and around the London E7 area since moving here recently. I train individuals, duos and groups and take group cycling classes at our local gym and the Velodrome. I am also developing my digital coaching service to reach a wider, virtual audience.

Tell me more about the digital coaching

It’s a new concept comprising an app that syncs with your activity trackers and other apps to put all the info in once place.  I can check in to see how clients are progressing and offer tips and guidance on their sleep patterns, eating habits, SMART goals, and of course exercise.

You’re an accomplished runner and cyclist: what has been the most challenging event you’ve taken part in?  I would say my three-day London to Paris ride in July 2017 which I rode with my husband and three friends. Not only was the riding tough but also getting everyone to leave the hotel at the same time in the morning was a challenge. The Mill Hill Marathon is also one of the hardest things I’ve done – six hours of hilly muddy trails on a four-lap course: Lap 3 was a very dark place….

Do you run and cycle with your clients as part of their programmes?  It depends on their goals but if it helps them achieve their targets then will do so. I enjoy taking running groups: it’s so rewarding to see people’s technique and confidence improve week-by-week. I ran one of the first Lululemon London run clubs, the Nathan Run Club and group sessions in Green Park. I’m looking to start a run club in E7 perhaps collaborating with a business or brand.

What are your favourite topics to write about?  Goal setting, running tips and race reviews. And interviewing athletes during the last London 2012 Olympics was a highlight too.

Businesses value blogs but some fear honest reviews may not be favourable to them: what is your philosophy on this?

If a product isn’t my personal favourite, I will suggest who I think might like it in my article.  If I absolutely hate it, I will let the PR know before posting so they can decide if they want me to go ahead or not.  It is a tough line to walk to keep my readers informed while not burning any bridges with PRs.  I want to maintain my integrity too so will always offer an honest opinion.

Is there a hot new fitness topic about which you’d like to find more?  Great question!  I love hearing how new businesses were found/developed and what their USP is.  I would love to learn more about the companies who test genes for clients. I was lucky enough to speak to a few UK companies when preparing an article for London’s Balance magazine. But there is so much to the tests it was hard to understand it all, even with my background in biology.  The idea of using science to individualise training (VO2 max too) is fascinating, especially now that it’s more accessible to amateur athletes.

What’s the best PR freebie you’ve been given?  The items I consistently use that I was given for review: Workplay’s Fleetfoot 2 Bum Bag, Yurbuds, Hale Naturals Powdered Peanut Butter, Fitbit Surge, and my Lululemon Run Inspire Crops.

And can you tell me the worst?  Nothing is too terrible, but I do have a lot of water bottles!

You can find out more about PT Mollie on her website.