About This Project

Whey Box, the UK’s first personalised on-demand high quality protein service designed to cater to your individual fitness goals and nutritional needs.

Sharing a passion for health and fitness and frustrated with chalky, low quality protein powders that leave you with nothing but a bad taste in your mouth, professional rugby players turned elite trainers, brothers Jack, Sam and Will along with best friend Ben have created the best tasting protein on the market. With over 20g of high quality whey protein per 30g sachet, supplementing your diet with Whey Box will increase your muscle recovery and repair. The Whey Box membership model was born out of a desire to help people with fast paced lifestyles get their protein needs in a convenient way. What could be more convenient than sachets of protein delivered straight to your door? Say goodbye to the days of faffing around trying to fish your scoop out of a big tub or even forgetting your protein all together. With Whey Box you can simply pop a perfect measure of delicious protein, in a convenient sachet, straight into your gym bag or handbag.

Warning: side effects may include healthy skin, hair and nails.

Try it here: https://whey-box.com/index2.html

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